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Ex husband humor... Lol

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Lol I have no issues with my ex but this is funny

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Haha yup this is what my husband does when he even hear his last ex name lol even when he is with her he felt the same as he states she was on ugly troll bitch lmao!!!

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It's so hot outside, I almost called my ex so I could be around something shady /// Ex Humor

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Ex: I still love you. Me: I don't blame you.

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My Ex Had One Very Annoying Habit. Breathing

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What She Really Wants To Say! @howbitchesact Instagram photos

Michelle and Olivia Parody

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No doubt. But at least I'm getting better... More

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Image result for ex-wives who only worry about meme

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˚°◦ღ a perfect world! More

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