Exotic shorthair

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exotic shorthair kittens - if i owned this cat, i would NEVER be able to stop laughing when i look at him. I mean. Come on, that face is hilariously adorable.

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Meme, an exotic shorthair.

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Snoopy ... if I got a cat, it would have to look like this one

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4 Most Furry Cat Breeds

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Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds Exotic Shorthair

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This is an exotic short-hair. Basically it's a persian with an automatic hair cut. LOL It's great for those of us who love the persian breeds but not necessarily loving having to deal with the long hair.

Little pink tongue, yes, but pink eyes.....Still cute af!!

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Exotic shorthair

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What a cute little tinky-tink! (yep, that's how I talk to cats. I'm that lady...not sure how it happened)

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