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Fabian Perez - South American Artist...such a cool Artist !!! Have seen some of his originals sell on a cruise ship auction !!!

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Fabian Perez. One of my favourite artists.

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Saw this for sale at embarcadero

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Proud To Be A Man V - Fabian Perez

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Fabian Perez (Argentina, born 1967)

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Never underestimate the power, perseverance, strength, diligence, will power, fortitude, endurance, and bravery of a woman.......... and if you dare to question and challenge her on her abilities, multiply all of the above by a 100, and prepare to be amazed :) ............. a smile for you from Angela at

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Fabian Perez ; Flamenco Dancer

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Fabian Perez ~ ''Brandis con Champagne'' (2010)

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Fabian Perez

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Fabian Perez (On my board "Book & Reading II". Irit Volgel).

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