Goth was a style that was started by the music industry and people like Marilyn Manson. The trend embodied pale skin, dark eye makeup and lipstick, grotesque body modifications and piercings. Black and platform shoes were frequently worn.

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Fairuza Balk

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Fairuza Balk... The Craft

Nancy Downs from "The Craft"! (The actress, Fairuza Balk, also played Mildred Hubble in "The worst witch", and is a wiccan in real life.

Fairuza Balk

Fairuza Balk actrice vue dans Dangereuse alliance et aussi Presque célèbre.

Fairuza Balk - Her debut role was in a television movie titled The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, produced in 1983. In 1992 she was awarded an Independent Spirit Award as best actress for her performance in the Allison Anders film Gas Food Lodging. In 1996, she appeared in a lead role in The Craft.

Fairuza Balk - Her debut role was in a television movie titled The Best…

Fairuza Balk.....Ok so she was a psycho in this movie but I loved her in The Craft....I also wanted practically the entire wardrobe for her and the other three for this movie

The Craft: when the started to finally accept goth. Holy crap, this movie made me all kinds of happy (style wise).

Fairuza Balk

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The Craft, coming to Film4 Friday 3rd February

The Craft - Fairuza Balk as "Nancy" - black rimmed eyes + smokey shadow + matte dark cherry lips

Fairuza Balk - The Craft by artisticrender on DeviantArt

Another rough palette study (same palette different subject). This time its Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs from the 1996 film the Craft. Fairuza Balk - The Craft