"Winter Magic" The Frost Fairies taken from "Fantasia," 1940,

Silver K Gallery - Disney Limited Editions. "Winter Magic" The Frost Fairies From Fantasia

Day 16 ~ Favorite Classic ~ Fantasia {It's so whimsical and I love how they incorporated the music. I count about the first 10 movies as "classics"}

Fantasia (1940)


10 Classic Films Your Kids Must Watch

Disney FANTASIA-Live in Concert - On Tour, featuring scenes from two classic Disney animated feature films, "FANTASIA" & "FANTASIA will be presented live-in-concert by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ted Sperling.

HEAVEN! Walt Disney's 1940 classic Fantasia.. Pastoral Symphony

For the smaller kids, another boat ride would take you through scenes from Disney’s “Fantasia,” passing by a Pegasus and other mythical creatures. This of course would be cashing in on the overwhelming popularity of Fantasia with younger children.

Fantasia Disney

Disney’s Fantasia One of my favorite Disney movies. I totally wanted to be one of these when I was little