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"Fire Knight" is forbidding and dangerous. It is one of Loveland artist Preston Stone’s character designs.

dark fantasy warrior ... Epic songs:

characters by U RI SO Conceptual Art by Choi Yongjae ~Daniela Henriquez~ Creatures by Simon Webber.

Dark Beauty

princess queen crown back “Amphitrite” — Photographer: Jiamin Zhu JaJasgarden Crown/Jewelry: Namiko Abloom Hair: Matt Lawrence Makeup: Liz Kiss Model: Michelle Green

Fantasy Warrior by rodimus25 on DeviantArt

A Lord of the Primal Path, an ancient warrior cult. There are many paths to greatness on Gardia and its surrounding seas. The Primal Path devotes itself into defeating their enemies with unrelenting strength.

Warrior elf and combat companion... Fantasy art

f Elf Ranger w lg Cat The look of this light plate is so organic, I couldn't help but use it for the Elven archers

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