FarmHer FFA "LOVE" Headband

FarmHer FFA "LOVE" Headband

So true! Miss those days more than words could ever explain, but FFA sure helped in  making me who i am today!

My high school FFA memories will always be my favorite. Thankful I chose to be a part of such an amazing organization and I will always be proud to be a Lindale FFA alumni (:

"Blue Jackets, Gold Standards" -Something I always like to say when referring to the FFA

"Blue Jackets, Gold Standards" -Something I always like to say when referring to the FFA

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For all the guys out there who can't tie a tie! And for those of you guys who act like it just to be close to that girl keep that game strong ;


FFA has been a par of my family life ever since i have known it is all that they know how to do

Blog post on some simple skills that will prepare your for learning the FFA Creed. - OLT

5 Ways to Improve Your Creed Speaking

Many Creed Speakers make the mistake of focusing the bulk of their energy on memorizing the FFA Creed, but becoming a successful at the FFA Creed CDE involves m

So many sprints in the blue jacket, black skirt, and high heels... Wouldn't trade 'em for the world.

You know You're A FFA Member When. For that moment when only another FFA member would understand.

Get ready freshman! I'm ready to conquer creed speaking at districts state and nationals!

As the FFA kids are sitting and thinking about what they believe and feel, the kids are pledging to make the world a better place. (and doing a pretty darn good job of making it happen! I'm not a huge FFA fan :)