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Жіноча вишита сорочка з Cокальщини (Львівська область), Україна, орієнтовно середина ХХ ст., приватна колекція родини Явних (#Давній #Народний #Одяг). Більше можна побачити тут

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, vestidos estilizados Panama

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Nordic folklore

Nordic folklore

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Do you believe in Trolls? - All about Norwegian Myths and Folklore

Do you believe in trolls? Click through to read everything you need to know about Norwegian myths and folklore!

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Инфографика-Центральная Россия-женский головной убор-конец 18 в.

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Ukiyoe of an Imaginary Beast Formed From All 12 Zodiac Animals

Over 150 years ago the ukiyo-e artist Shigematsu Enrosai created an imaginary beast as a woodblock print and called it “Twelve Precepts.” The beast featured the head of a rabbit, the neck of a dragon, the tail of a snake, the forelegs of a monkey and the hind legs of an ox. Indeed, it was a fantasti

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Инфографика-Орловская губ.

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Ohh, how I love this book! Not only do you get authentic and delicious recipes to try - you get fascinating stories, poems and history along with it.

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He is known to be a very accomplished fiddler who plays nature's powerful sound - the sound of the forest, the wind - everything can be heard quivering between violin strings. Fossegrimen are willing to teach his violin if one four Thursdays in a row comes with a juicy leg of lamb stolen from the neighbor's storehouse. This must be done in utmost secrecy. If, however, does not come with a good enough piece of meat to him, responds Fossegrimen with a poem/prose

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