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more handsome eye candy - Francisco Lachowski brazilian model and hottie supremo

Francisco Lachowski at Home Series by Ricardo Gomes

Brazilian supermodel Francisco Lachowski updates his portfolio with At Home portrait series captured by fashion photographer Ricardo Gomes.

Tartan Bow Ties: Bold Scottish-Inspired Menswear From David Hart

Tartan Bow Ties

TI 2010 - For the TI 2010 Spring campaign, model Francisco Lachowski was chosen to show off some layered looks and a good choice it was. The model strikes a .

Open Nathaniel) I was sitting in my room, basically asleep, when I hear someone knock. I knew it wasn't Char, she doesn't knock anymore, so I get up and answer the door. "Oh, hello"

I'd like to wake up next to Francisco Lachowski every morning of my life