"My fave mythical creatures are the happy girls in tampon commercials."

29 Funny As Fuck Tumblr Posts About Periods

Hormones are on a rampage today.and aunt flow hasn't even shown up yet. Doing my best to keep the beast under lock and key cause i dont feel angry but the slightest annoyance might throw me off my game.total bitch this morning lol

Windy days no hair tie lip gloss. | 25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands. The definition of today.

25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands

Omar Sharif and Barbara Streisand in "Funny Girl"  (1968)  Barbra Streisand - Best Actress Oscar 1968

Funny Girl, William Wyler, 1968 Omar Sharif and Barbra Streisand

Okay, real talk: we all know that there are way more than “two types of girls” out there, but it’s kind of fun to put us into different camps sometimes – especially when it involves a funny Tumblr meme. Some of us fit the mold of the girly-girl, and others of us can hardly put … Read More

18 Hilarious Examples Of The Two Types Of Girls Meme Everyone Will Relate To

girls can be divided into two different camps 640 01 There are two types of girls Photos)

Barbra Streisand, co-winner of the Best Actress Oscar for 1968 (for "Funny Girl"). She tied with Katherine Hepburn. Streisand has won 2 Oscars.

Barbra STREISAND (b. [] Active since 1955 > Born Barbara Joan Streisand 24 Apr 1942 Brooklyn, New York > Other: Singer, Songwriter, Filmmaker > Spouses: Elliott Gould div); James Brolin (m.

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In "Funny Girl," 1968.  Photo: Streisand: In the Camera Eye (Abrams) / Columbia Records

In Funny Girl, 1968

Funny Girl, 1968 // Streisand: In the Camera Eye (Abrams) / Authors Collection

Boys vs girls, funny rage comic. Too true. Though dads should protect their sons equally as much as their daughters. lol XD

Difference between boys and girls funny boys girls boyfriend girlfriend meme lol dad funny quote funny quotes comedy humor humor quotes funny pictures lmao funny stuff. That's soooo true for us girls

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We can survive the bullshit that happens during those seven days though (no offence)

20 Snappy Funny Quotes You Can Relate To -

Someone from posted a whisper, which reads "I hate men who say girls are "weak." Excuse me, But can you bleed for seven days straight and not die?