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Gary Zukav on intention.

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Gary Zukav Quote on Living Life

Your life is yours to live, no matter how you choose to live it. When you do not think about how you intend to live it, it lives you. When you occupy it, step into it consciously, you live it. — Gary Zukav

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Gary Zukav Quote on Authentic Empowerment

When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment. — Gary Zukav

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“A power struggle collapses when you withdraw your energy from it. Power struggles become uninteresting to you when you change your intention from winning to learning about yourself.” ― Gary Zukav

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Welcome to the official website of OWN - the Oprah Winfrey Network - @OWNTV

For Oprah, realizing the truth of these words was a defining moment in her life and career. On the worldwide simulcast of #SuperSoulSunday, she and Gary Zukav are teaching us all how to live an authentically empowered life.

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Know your intention and look at someone's intentions before you react. Intentions are causes that create effects. Choosing an intention is the fundamental creative act. An intention is the reason or motivation for doing what you do. Every action has an comes from fear or from love. ~Gary Zukav This quote courtesy of @Pinstamatic (

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| #lifeadvancer | @lifeadvancer

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"It is impossible to have a prayer without power. It is impossible to have a thought that is a secret, for all energy is heard." —Gary Zukav ..*

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Gary Zukav Quote on Authentic Power

Authentic power is something inside of you, which you cannot lose and that no one can take from you. — Gary Zukav

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Let go of your ego. Step into the place where you have to stretch your limits, this is when spiritual growth occurs, and share your gifts with the world. #ego

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