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Evening Standard magazine Just the right amount of volume & wave on this shoulder length cut Más

hair, glasses, shirt, pants lol

Gemma Arterton, cropped jeans, white t-shirt, sandals// It't weird to see someone with your exact body type.

I think Gemma Arterton is absolutely lovely.

Gemma Arterton - Beautiful actress, I was absolutely stunned by her performance in Prince of Persia.

British beauty: Joining Emma at the premiere was British beauty Gemma Arterton, who wore her deep brunette tresses  pinned atop her head while her eye-tickling fringe sat above her smokey gaze

Dazzling Emma Stone sports show-stopping embellished gown

Sexy Gemma Arterton (40+ photos)

If will 1 of her siblings, I don’t wanna be her brother anymore. I want to be her Hansel incest brother.

Gemma Arterton: The intrepid actress reveals her green- carpet moment

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Image result for gemma arterton sex scene