George Morris

Wise words George Morris~take your own talents and abilities and skills practice adding upon them, by/with, inspiring guide thoughts everyday, even if just a bit and see how amazingly much you can improve overall.

Get back on! I wanted to get back on sooo badly when I got bucked off and got a mild concussion but wasn't in the "state of mind" to do so so I ended up going out to dinner instead. #equestrian

Hospitals are overrated: HorseNation's Reasons to be Thankful for George Morris'

George Morris.  A legend in his own time.

Less than 1 week until the start of the 2015 George Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions start! To celebrate, HorseNation has made up a Holiday Jingle!

George Morris Isms  and if you want to just plop around as a passenger, you have to figure out how to differentiate that from the finesse work--for the horse. Even trail riding is learning time.

George Morris Isms and this is why i was always hesitant to let inexperienced riders ride my horse. Because your hours worth of riding makes for a day or two worth of work for me

George Morris is every Equestrians Idol!

I just found out that a barn near I live went to a George Morris clinic 2 hours…

George Morris. What a legend, I would never ride for him though-he would make me cry in about 2 seconds.

"Are you yawning? You don't ride well enough to yawn" - George Morris. I think I know where my trainer gets her lines from.

What would George Morris say?

What would George Morris say? Not a stickler for tucked in shirts.but you better groom your horse before you ride!

11 reasons to be thankful for George Morris. A must read when motivation is needed.

11 reasons to be thankful for George Morris. (I secretly love George Morris but I'd be terrified to do a clinic with him, so I just read his books and watch videos of clinics) :)