GEORGES BRAQUE – Along with Picasso and Juan Gris, the main figure of Cubism, the most important of avant-gardes of the century Art.

Violin and Sheet Music on a Table (Petit Oiseau) : Georges Braque : Synthetic Cubism : still life - Oil Painting Reproductions

Georges BRAQUE : Pelias and Nelee, (l'Astre et l'oiseau) 1958 x 92 cm) : Serigraph after after an original gouache, on a heavyweight vellum ragpaper of Rives

Georges Braque (French, 1882-1963), Atelier I, 1949. Oil and sand on canvas, 92 x 72.7 cm.

michaelswaney: “heilbron: “ blastedheath: “ Georges Braque (French, Atelier I, Oil and sand on canvas, x 28 in.) ” My favourite painting by Braque ” WOW forgot.