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This is absolutely beautiful. I'm not a Finn fan but I adored Monteith and I know that Finn was a lot of things for and to a lot of people. RIP<< How is someone NOT a Finn fan he was my favorite character.


When Finn, you know, I watched this episode and it made me laugh so hard because he would've wanted us to remember him as the funny man who was AMAZING in the grilled cheesus episode

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glee quote hahahah omg im so saying the last one all the time now but daughter

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Season 5 and 6 Glee is so special to me that nobody will ever understand, its brought more happiness then anything else ever has in my life!

He was so tall 😍

He was so tall 😍

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The Quarterback ~ one of the hardest episodes I've sat through in awhile. Saying goodbye to Finn. I cried several times throughout, but really lost it good at the end when Will collapsed into Emma's arms and sobbed.