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Recruitment sign up is happening now! Head over to Carleton's DPhiE Facebook page for details and registration!

15 Reasons Why You Should Go Greek

There are so many great reasons why you should go Greek. Joining Greek life can be a huge part of the college experience and help open many doors!

Going Greek May Help Your Career

Here's another article on the Gallup survey. Could going Greek help your career?

Miss Oetken's scratchtastic Greek Vase with Achilles from Greek Mythology We've moved on in our art history time line to Greek and Roma.

Go Greek! Formal Recruitment 2014 Going Greek has never been so sweet, cupcake, cherry on top, Panellenic Crest.

We are Chi Omega. We are sorority women. It is so amazing to see how becoming a sorority woman prepares you for your future in the professional world.

🍒 the benefits of going greek from A to Z! 🍒

Most sorority recruitment rounds are held during the day and PNM makeup should look pretty during face to face conversations. Good for professional looking makeup tips as well. Just goes to show how sorority life transfers seamlessly into real life.

🌿 Top 20 ways to promote going greek! 🌿