5 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Is A Game-Changer

Five Reasons Why Virtual Reality Is A Game-Changer

Google Glass monthly update improves photos with HDR, captions

Google Glass monthly update improves photos with HDR, captions

I, Glasshole: My Year With Google Glass: Can't wear them everywhere; Google Now is amazing; Limited; This kind of tech is coming fast!

I, Glasshole: My Year With Google Glass

Health and fitness gadgets or wearable tech aimed at fitness fanatics and yoga lovers.

The Rise of Wearable Technology Infographic. What is Wearable Tech? Who Would Wear It? Fashionology. From Google Glass, Colour Changing Jackets, Smart Wristbands and Watches, 3D Printed Shoes and more #wearables

The rise of wearable technology – infographic

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New Google Glass Teardown Claims Device Costs Only $150 to Make

ZooSEO has an experienced website mentoring team that can fast track a company's recovery.

Stay safe while using Google Glass with this gadget.

Navdy's 'Google Glass for Your Windshield' Focuses Your Eyes on the Road

The Navdy prototype heads-up display (HUD) projects information onto the windscreen of a car

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Can Google Glass Help Doctors Perform Safer, More Successful Surgeries?

This treatment, called “Exposure Therapy”, using VR gear, has only recently spread its wings in the medical community. But it is changing the way psychiatrists can help, by giving them a more realistic background to further their patient’s remedy.

Google Glass is getting a makeover.

Google Glass Gets Fancy New Frames and Shades

The ultimate tech-accessory is finally here, courtesy of Diane Von Furstenberg + Net-a-Porter //

The Recon Jet is a new wearable with a badass design, easy to navigate controls, and has a real-time activity tracking feature that enhances workouts.

Recon Jet review: Google Glass for sports is here, and it works

Despite some rough edges around the experience, the Recon Jet brings continuous real-time data into workouts -- a big plus for any athlete.

Gearbox's Randy Pitchford was kind enough to chat with Tristan, my now 11-year-old son, at PAX East earlier this year. Since then Tristan has become a bit of a Borderlands fan. He likes it so much....

Tristan's Borderlands Birthday Cake