nick burkhardt | And I said there wouldn’t be any pictures with funny captions. Ha!

We are Nick Burkhardt. Nick Burkhardt is us. - rosewaterwitch

Grimm Guide- Monroe Quotes: "Dude, I can't be around that guy; he's way to potent.

The KEY ---  I'd love to know more about this crazy key...and those coins that people would just die for!

The NBC TV show Grimm is a hit, and we're proud to offer new items based on characters and stories from the show! Grimm is a cop drama with .

#Grimm Essentials - Learn the basics of Nick, Juliette, Hank, Captain Renard, Monroe and some of the supporting cast

Grimm: A very fragile scroll, an ancient text that has survived fires, floods and thieves, reveals Grimm history.

Grimm! When the hell are they going to tell Wu. He's awesome!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Of course! I'm asian!

#Repost @tvguidemagazine with @repostapp. ・・・ Thank Grimm it's Friday! Season 5 (finally) kicks off tonight on @nbctv.  Photo by Adam Olszewski (@adamallaround)  #Grimmiere

TV Guide Magazine with ・・・ Thank Grimm it's Friday! Season 5 (finally) kicks off tonight on NBC. Photo by Adam Olszewski (

(Standing, left to right) Bree Turner, Sasha Roiz, David Giuntoli, Silas Weir Mitchell, and Reggie Lee; (seated, left to right) Claire Coffee, Russell Hornsby, and Bitsie Tulloch, Grimm. See more stunning star portraits from our photo studio at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 here:,,20399642_20837151,00.html

Comic-Con ’14 Star Portraits: Day 3

David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) on Grimm, my favorite show, looks fab in scruff mode.

David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) on Grimm - a show I didn't expect to like, but it surprised me - looks fab in scruff mode.