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Looking for the perfect exotic short-break vacation? This one is only a 3.5 hour flight from the U.S. and won't cost an arm and a leg either. // The Perfect Three Days in Guadalajara, Jalisco - Curiosity Travels
Best Things To Do In Guadalajara, Mexico – They Get Around

Best Things To Do In Guadalajara, Mexico

Bruna Cocina Abierta | 16 Restaurantes de Guadalajara para los foodies de corazón

Bruna Cocina Abierta

San Pedro Tlaquepaque: Famous for its artisans and mariachi bands, it is also home to many trendy boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Guadalajara Mexico - Photos To Entice You

The 6 Best Things to Do and Eat in Guadalajara, Mexico

6 Things You Can't Leave Guadalajara, Mexico Without Trying

Centro histórico, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Avoid the organised tours and make your own way around Guadalajara at your own pace.  I've made up a list of must-see places during your self-guided walking tour in Guadalajara.  Click to see more...

Guadalajara Self-Guided Walking Tour

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