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Step- by- step guide on application of shading of eye make-up and fake eye- lashes. Sure makes eyes POP!

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Gyaru makeup. Line & shade after application of fake lashes. Love her makeup :)

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One of my favorite makeup routines for cosplay or circle lenses () Will be posting more eye makeup routines so follow me! ヽ()/ The Routine 1. Eye Primer 2. Contact lenses. (G&G Shinny Green from @pinkyparadisedotcom ) 3. Tightlined eyelash line with black. 4. Eyeliner. I believe that different eyeliner styles suit different eye shapes so play around with eyeliner and experiment to find what you like! 5. Lined lower lashline with white. 6. Matte nude eyeshadow on eyelid. (I chose light…

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Thanks to ichigoflavor for this Kawaii eye makeup tutorial using beuberry teddy bear pink circle lenses. Animal circle lenses come in various pattern and sweet colors... Read more in ====== Get this cute lenses in @ $17.90 only. ====== #PinkCircleLenses #PinkColorContacts #PinkColorLenses #PinkContacts #Makeup #KawaiiMakeup

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How Gyaru makeup changes the proportions of the face.

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GEO Starmish Brown

( circle lenses~

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Gyaru eye makeup! More

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Ulzzang makeup ♡

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•○~ Gyaru fashion, ギャル♥ hair - curls - blonde - makeup - circle lenses - false eyelashes - nail art - wink - cute - kawaii - Japanese street fashion✮ ~•○

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EOS Sugar Candy Pink

Gyaru eye makeup! Hardcore kawaii, right here.

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