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Playing card, 1700's. Seven of Clubs with tigers lost among the palms

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La Traviata deck, designed by Erté. The court cards with French indices are reversible. That is to say that when turned end to end, a different picture is seen. Sometimes the difference is very obvious, other times it is more subtle.

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Pachimon Kaiju Cards - 8 by Aeron Alfrey, via Flickr

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Madame Coquette: DIY / Duplo hrací karty

peynetcarte 15 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Queen, House of Anjou. Marie of Anjou (1404-63) was Queen of France as the wife of King Charles VII from 1422 to 1461. Marie was the eldest daughter of Louis II of Anjou, titular King of Naples, titular King of Sicily, and Yolande of Aragon, titular Queen of Aragon.

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Marschall [maréchal?], Deutschland aus dem "Hofämterspiel" für König Ladislaus "Postumus" (?)

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Queen, Court of Bohemia. Barbara of Celje supported Wladislaw III of Poland to succeed Sigismund and was imprisoned in Bratislava 4 Dec 4, 1437 until his death 4 days later. all her property was confiscated and she was exiled from Hungary. She was given Sandomierz, Poland as a fief, then lived from 1441-51 as Dowager Queen in Mělník in Bohemia. where she plotted against the regime and pursuing her interests in alchemy and the occult (TAROT). She died of the plague in July 1451.

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Jungfrau [demoiselle d'honneur], Böhmen aus dem "Hofämterspiel" für König Ladislaus "Postumus" (?)

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