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Groen schoolplein voor Joost van de Vondelschool | Groen Dichterbij


It is always fun to see the reaction of children when I pull out a plunger to play with.  Even at a very young age, children acquire a sense of place - and plungers belong in the toilet, certainly ...


Keď sa hovorí o Montessori aktivitách, väčšinou sa vždy hovorí len o tých domácich. Popri aktivitách na zdokonaľovanie jemnej motoriky sa však zabúda na to, že aj hrubá motorika je rovnako dôležitá. Behanie, skákanie, lezenie, spoznávanie prírody a celkovo pobyt na čerstvom vzduchu. Vďaka tomu, že bývame na dome, môže Adelka vybehnúť von, …

Pad van grove stammetjes in de Speeldernis, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

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Hilarious Number Line Game

Hilarious Number Line Game Use foam number floor puzzles for this fun gross motor number line games!

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Marble Play (with your toes)

Marble Play (with your toes) - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

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Crossing Midline

Crossing Midline Crossing the mid-line is an indicator of bilateral coordination, meaning the “ability to use both sides of the body at the same time.” This is an important skill for many of our daily tasks: climbing stairs, walking, dressing, typing on a computer, riding a bicycle, catching a ball, climbing ladders, etc.

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Team Building Activities for Kids

Dye-namic stretch band connects two kids & provides resistance as they move. It's a 6 foot spandex-like fabric sewed into a continuous circle. (link provided). They have to coordinate their movements through games, activities, an obstacle course... Great for kids who need a bit of focus or a lesson in cooperation.

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Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

Witches Hat Ring toss game or can add sight words to the hat buckle and toss

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Gross Motor Games for Kids - Snowball Roll

Snowman ball roll