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British Actress Imogen Poots’ Star Turn

Dominique is nothing like her part vela mother in action. She is wild and crazy and loves dragons and creatures and admires her Uncle Charlie. She is a keeper in Quidditch. Like her mother, though, she is impossibly pretty and blonde and tall. She despise

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||FC: Imogen Poots|| Hello. My name is Kaylie. I am 19 and single. I'm sort of a bitch, so a lot of guys don't like me. Hence why I am single. I get into arguments a lot. Half the time because I'm bored and no one is paying any attention to me. Introduce if you don't mind? {type B}

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Designer Michael Kors Weighs In on the Stylish Rise of Young Hollywood

Photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank trains her lens on Young Hollywood. (Imogen Poots)

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I love Imogen Poots's profile for Helena, even if she's too delicate straight-on. She has that perfect nose that seems to bring the rest of her face forward and gives her a bit of a hound appearance.

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imogen poots 2015 - Google Search

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Imogen Poots At 'She's Funny That Way' Premiere - Celebzz

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marinaansell: Imogen Poots - Art director: Marina Ansell Photographer: Michael Hauptman

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Welcome to Imogen Poots Daily, the first and largest Imogen Poots tumblr online. Our aim is to bring...

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Hi! I'm Emily. I play bass. And I sing. I've been on 10 gigs. I'm 18 and I came from Miami Beach. I'd love to be friends. Wanna start a band? Oh and call me Em. I have a crush on Andre... He's cute.

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