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(He was deleted so he's my Fc now)Hey I'm Jack G... Yea... Jack J is my best friend even though we had a falling out

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Jack Gilinsky ♥ #JackGilinsky #JackandJack

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Jack Gilinsky, Matthew Espinosa and Jack Johnson visit the set for 'Wild For The Night/Hypnotize 3D' - December 08, 2014 - 460175914 - Jack and Jack Gallery - Photo Gallery

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Jack G: "I know it was fast, I know we're young, I know you're gonna call us crazy.. But I love her, with everything in me, I love her."

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Fc Jack Gilinsky) "Hey I'm Jack, I'm 21 years old and single. I have a little sister named Josephine, don't hurt her. I'm a perp and well yeah, come say hi anytime"

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Hey guys if you want to be added to my Omaha Squad board comment below and follow me (:

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Jack Gilinsky. Oh Gosh!!♥♡♥♡ Hahaha he has a butt chin But still wow

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Jack Gilinsky shirtless body...

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Attached (Jack Gilinsky) - Eight

jack g:: im walking around our house with a crown on... im a mother f*cking princess! *is half asleep and has no idea what he is saying*

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jack gilinsky | Jack Gilinsky.♥

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