That awkward moment when you realize you're Captain Jack Harkness...

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Captain Jack Harkness everybody! Me and my BFF always say STOP IT! like 10 in everyday conversations

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Marvel x Doctor Who - Jack Harkness meets Steve and Bucky

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Perfect. @Shellie Giddings Mull @Alice Cartee

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"Captain Jack Harkness"... Please don't stop it.

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I know exactly what Jack is thinking and its very naughty, Jack you naughty, naughty boy lol

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I want captain jack harkness back so badly. He's so awesome

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I actually teared up a bit there

I actually teared up a bit there

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Actually, both Captain Jack Harkness and Dean Winchester from SPN have that in common, now that I think about it.

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John Barrowman/Jack Harkness <3 <--- that's CAPTAIN Jack Harkness, thank you very much.

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