Love Jackie's abs... not too sure about those tin-foil-ish shorts though!

A Beach Body Workout From Jackie Warner

Fast Belly Blast: Crunch-Free Ab Exercises Workout by Jackie Warner, FITNESS advisory board member and creator of the Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs workout DVD maranyc motivation

10 min video...Jackie Warner's Calorie-Blasting Power Pyramid Workout

Jackie Warner's Calorie-Blasting Power Pyramid Workout

Celebody: Get celeb trainer Jackie Warner's amazing abs - LEGIT workout!!

Is that an 8-pack?

You watched her whip people into shape on Thintervention. Now, celebrity trainer Jackie Warner is sharing her flat-ab diet and exercise secrets with SheKnows and teaching us 5 moves to get a sexy stomach for summer!

Go harder and faster during your cardio sessions to burn more fat in less time. -

Jackie Warner's 20-Minute Calorie Blasters

Do one of these calorie blasters every day to help 10 pounds melt away. Remember, the harder and faster you go during your cardio sessions, the more body fat you'll burn.

Fitness expert Jackie Warner's must-do moves for staying in bikini shape this #summer.  #fitness #health

Jackie Warner's Must-Do Moves For Staying in Bikini Shape

Fitness expert Jackie Warner's must-do moves for staying in bikini shape this summer.

Refrigerator Look Book: Jackie Warner - This woman is sooo inspiring to me! This article has healthy tips EVERYONE can use!

The celebrity trainer and star of Thintervention walks the talk, stocking her fridge full of fat-burning foods—and dishing out tips to avoid weight gain.

Website to use with her new book....    *Download Superstar Food list *Download Phase 1, 2, 3 Grocery List and Workout PDF

I recently shared my top 5 exercises for killer flat abs with Ditch traditional crunches for these exercises to get a full core workout. Click the link in my bio to read more.

Jackie's Jams:

Home Improvement: Jackie Warner's At-Home Circuit Workout

Try this circuit workout from celebrity trainer Jackie Warner, star of Thintervention, to burn calories at home in just 10 easy exercises.

Ipod Playlist For The “Keep Your Beach Body All Year” Workout

Workout Playlists: WH's Keep Your Beach Body All Year

Jackie Warner's Jump Rope workout .. Not what you think.. creative.

Jackie Warner's 5 Favorite Jump Rope Moves

For great shoulders and arms. Do the push-up/punch combo. Start by doing as many push-ups in a row as you can. Then stand up, grab a couple of soup cans and punch one arm out, then the other, for one minute.

In and Out Jumps >> Shape the jump rope into a circle. Perform a close squat with your feet shoulder-width apart inside the circle (top) and then jump outside lowering into a wide squat with your feet on either side of the circle (bottom). Do 3 sets of 15 reps each.

Jackie Warner's 5 Favorite Jump Rope Moves