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My mother is very, very smart and commands respect because she has a lot of respect for herself. Jared Leto More

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White Boys on

Young Jared Leto - Google zoeken

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Jared Leto. How in the world is this not the sexy man playing Christian Grey? He's gorgeous, has the eyes, the hair, the body, and what woman wouldn't want some kinky fuckery with this man?! Laters Baby

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Lux/Zahar/Harry (make more of a thing about his description--he's freaking beautiful, and has a thing for Neffy. Treats Sasha with mild disinterest and cold politeness)

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jared leto (musician, actor, producer, director, businessman)

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JARED LETO on Twitter: "" More

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¡No exageramos!, basta un pequeño vistazo a sus maravillosos ojos azules para quedar permanentemente “Jaredtizadas”

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Jared Leto

Eyes are one of the sexiest features of a man or woman; whether because of the unusual color, or the exotic striking way they stare out of them, a person's eyes truly are the window to their soul and the unique way they see the world...and what beautiful windows Jared Leto has!

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Jared Leto--- it's his eyes

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Photo (Dreaming In blue)

Jared Leto in a cuddly sweater is all that I need right now...

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