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Jewel Staite Top Actress and Modeling Jewel Belair Staite born June 1982 is a Canadian actress, who portrayed Catalina in Space Ca.

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite isa completely unaware that CAN-CON 2014 is scheduled for Oct 2014 in Ottawa and that the Guest of Honour qwill be Jo Walton

You know Jewel Staite, right? Kaylee from Firefly, Dr. Jennifer Keller from Stargate Atlantis… | Jewel Staite Has The Best Twitter Account Ever

Jewel Staite Has The Best Twitter Account Ever

Cumplefamosas: Jewel Staite 02/06/1982 White Rock, Canadá

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Jewel Staite, Actress: Serenity. Born in White Rock, BC, Canada. Spent first three years of life in Maui. Started out modeling, was recommened to act at age 6. Won best actor in "Meeting Dad", a Vancouver Film School short.

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Jewel Staite is stunning, and even tho the show she's being interview from is in Canada, I'm hoping we'll see it down here too. #whedonesque

Complex Pictured: Jewel Staite as Raquel Credit: Stephen Scott /Courtesy of Epitome Pictures Inc.©Epitome Pictures Inc

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