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Josh Hartnett as Danny in "Pearl Harbor" Movie | The sexiness of this scene is everything.

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Pin for Later: Here's a Necessary Reminder of Josh Hartnett's Hotness And He Made Watching Pearl Harbor Bearable

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Josh Hartnett!! Sweet baby Jesus he is beautiful!!!!

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Josh Hartnett ist das neue Gesicht für Marc O' Polo Eyewear

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Josh Hartnett. You are really fantastic, talented, and lovely. But seriously-- smoking is disgusting.

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Josh Hartnett...need i say more....lawd have mercy ;-)

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josh hartnett in pearl harbor

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Where has he been. One of my earlier crushes. Josh Hartnett. Yes please!! Thank you!

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July 21 Happy birthday to Josh Hartnett

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Josh Hartnett in Penny Dreadful (2014) another beautiful /handsome man, good actor and well lets face it, he is over 6 feet tall 6´3 to be exact and makes him a worthy mention on this board ;) So nice when actors are not short. What can I say I like tall :)

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