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Don't worry babe.. noone will take me away from you. I'm yours if you make me yours. #personalizeme #withyourquote

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See more likes this. Follow @filetlondon and receive daily inspiration. #filetlondon

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Can't go wrong with a blue bomber jacket and navy jeans. All I need in life.<3

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Garo Street Style long coat Korean street style fashion

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Ig: Arbil03 By Kooding Clothes from Icecream12 Korean Street Style K-POP Korean Style Street Style Casual Look Chic Wardrobe I want this Dream Look

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Korean Street Fashion | Official Korean Fashion More

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Vielleicht sollte ich meine Meinung zu Hemden doch noch mal überdenken. In Kombination mit einem gemütlichen Pullover sehen sie nämlich gar nicht mehr so fürchterlich adrett aus.

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Korean Street Fashion - Official Korean Fashion

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