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CrossFit Dice Wondering what WOD to do? Literally roll these dice, and you've got a ready-made routine you can do at home or on the road. With more than 2 million combinations possible, it’s impossible to get bored. Roll all six 12-sided dice, or use just the rep die and one movement die, and keep rolling to see what to do next. The accompanying booklet provides modifications and substitutions in case you don’t have some equipment. 1342 245 6 LiveHealth Online Fitness Gifts for the Holidays…

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Good Exercises to Lose Weight - Fitness Exercises *this is amazing. Substituted 2 of the runs for stair stepper/upwards walk. Try 2 rounds/different exercises for circuit??

20-Minute Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup

fitnessforevertips: “Full body workout - pick one workout for every day of the week! And add cardio ”
When it come to losing lower body fat and developing the best legs ever, Exercises is the way to go. Though leg fat does not carry the same health hazards as the notorious belly fat, any excess can be problematic especially during the summer when you want to wear shorts, dresses and bathing suits. This fat deposit can be a real embarrassment. Luckily, exercises can help trim much of that fat so you can welcome back your old jeans. Not only that, cardio training such as running and cycling…
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Jumpstart your fitness regimen with this super-easy beginner's challenge

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