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Auschwitz Revealed: Auschwitz Greatest Mysteries and Famous Survivor Stories Unveiled

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Map of the Holocaust in Europe during World War II, 1939-1945. This map shows all extermination camps (or death camps), most major concentration camps, labor camps, prison camps, ghettos, major deportation routes and major massacre sites.

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Female SS camp guards remove bodies from lorries and carry them to a mass grave, inside the German Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, 1945

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Portrait of Magdalene Kessal, 25, a domestic servant who served as SS girl at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Location: Bergen-Belsen, Germany, Date taken: May 1945

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Famed Jewish stage actress, Nador Livia, sits outside Gusen concentration camp after being liberated. Mulhausen, Austria, 1945. (Ignatius Gallo)

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Irma Grese Defendant number 9, Irma Grese, dubbed the "Beast of Belsen" was convicted for crimes against humanity at the Belsen Trial and sentenced to death. She had been employed at various Nazi concentration camps including Auschwitz and Belsen. At her trial survivors provided detailed testimony of murders, tortures, and other brutal behaviour towards prisoners, especially women. She was 22 years old when she was executed.

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The dwarves of Auschwitz

When Yehuda Koren and Eilat Negev heard of a family of dwarves snatched from the gas chamber by Josef Mengele, it sounded incredible. But how to verify the testimony of Holocaust survivors? And should you even try?

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Doctors of the US 7th Army standing amongst Dachau victims, 30 April 1945

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Rudolf Hoess the commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp, is hanged next to the crematorium at the camp, 1947

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sobibor-vi naar de gaskamers

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Map of Concentration Camps in Poland & Lithuania | Jewish Virtual Library | < 129° Litwa

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This mesmerizing account of the courage and bravery of ordinary women and men reveals for the first time an astonishing true story of heroic struggle and endurance.

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The Hope: A Novel by Herman Wouk

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Women Heroes of World War II: 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue

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Gerda Taro: The forgotten photojournalist killed in action

In July 1937 a Jewish emigre from Nazi Germany became the first female war photographer to die on assignment. At the age of 26, Gerda Taro was just starting to make a name for herself and had already helped launch the career of the young Robert Capa.

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A TOP PIN! - Staff Sergeant Bea Arthur, United States Marine Corps, 1943 – 1945 While the Marine Corps might seem an unlikely place for a future Golden Girl, Bea Arthur apparently served in the Corps for 30 months as a truck driver and typist. She was one of the initial recruits to the Women’s Reserve and rose TO the rank of Staff Sergeant during her World War II service.

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