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"Laughing Jack" by Snuffbomb/i found this so you guys could listen to the story :WARNING: there is blood and gore and horrid things.

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Creepypasta Laughing Jack | The Technicolor clown spread his arms and excitedly announced, “COME ...

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Laughing jack creepypasta | Laughing Jack: deal with it by 1haku7

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Laughing Jack by on @deviantART

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rainbow laughing jack and laughing jack by NENEBUBBLEELOVER

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Laughing Jack Face Expressions by on @deviantART

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"The Origin of Laughing Jack" by SnuffBomb

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Laughing-jack by ichimatsu14

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Can I has a sucker laughing jack? Im sure Iasic would like one too

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Laughing Jack and rainbow laughing jack if someone asked me which one I find cuter. That would be so hard > < o-o....But honestly I'd say Monochrome Laughing Jack.

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