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Ak sa zdržíte až do večera, nezabudnite na osvetlenie. Solárne svietidlá nepotrebujú žiadny prívod elektriny a atmosféru vyčaria neuveriteľnú.


Main course Soup has never really screamed “portable”, but with a thermos in the mix you can have a cup of hearty noodles-to-go.Fill the thermos with hot broth and veggies. Then, put your noodles in stackable drinking cups and tie them together, leaving the top one empty. When it’s picnic time, add the broth to the noodles and let them soften before you dive in. BONUS: When you’re done with your soup, use the cup for juice.

Zapojte do príprav aj deti. Nechajte ich napríklad vyfarbiť obrus, ktorý tak bude naozaj veľmi originálny.

Hosting a house party and want to make sure your guests feel the party spirit right from the start? We’ve been calling this “the mood portal” it’s made by hanging lengths of textiles over shower curtains. Best thing is it’s impossible to walk through without feeling like a rock star.