And finally, when he was perfectly willing to accept a little retribution: | 17 Times Sawyer's Nicknames Were The Best Thing About "Lost"

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33 Jokes Only People Who Watched "Lost" Will Find Funny ~ This show I swear...

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This is THE BEST short explanation of "Lost", the entire series, and the final episode and ending. ***SPOILER***

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LOST. Charlie will always be the greatest character on LOST. I mea, I love other characters, but Charlie is IT.

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And finally the symmetry between the first and last shots of the show. | 23 Things You Probably Never Noticed In "Lost"

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Lost, I loved this show, and then they started killing off characters, and then it just got beyond weird, until finally confusing me totally Xp

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His face. This part. Oh my gosh. I can't. I cry.

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Lost - Bought all the seasons and gonna watch again. LOVE Jacob and wish they went in a different direction with him... but who cares? I have a good imagination and I can make it turn out just fine in the end! ;)

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lost, if i say this to someone i literally can't say it without using desmond's accent hahaha

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Charlie and Claire I LOVED this part! I already pinned one like this but I just love this part so much:D

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