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paint nite waterfall - Google Search

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artoffer – Art by Annette Schmucker Image Large View

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The New Dress!?~ Arthur John Elsley

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Acrylic painting by Sarah Fecteau #sarahfecteau #art #canadianartist #quebecartist #originalpainting #hyperrealism #contemporaryart #sepia #galerieiris #multiartltee

Undertow by Julia Contacessi

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Loneliness is a big theme throughout the novel. We see it in characters such as Eva, Huberto, Mimí and others. When Huberto Naranjo went to join the guerrillas on the mountain. "The loneliness was worse than the hunger." (184)

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Victor Bauer, 1969 ~ Palette Knife painter. I really love the different tones in the painting. The colours of the girls dress are similar to the colours in the sea so they blend together.

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