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Best Single Girl Quotes!

El amor es ... nosotros!

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Best Motivational Quotes, 30 Quotes Collection

Marriage: I'm always working on this list! Yes, I sometimes fall short but thank you LORD for the power of the Holy Spirit ♡ my husband remains me to reach down deep inside my spirit ♡ to knock me back to my senses:) I tell him the same thing ♡

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It's not much ..... but it is all I have!!! And it is YOURS....

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i love you so much love quotes girly quote lovequotes

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Marriage isn't for you. A MUST read. Definitely important for men and women to understand selflessness.

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Love is... Originated by Kim Casali and continued after her unfortunate death by her son Stefano Casali

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Túto jednu vec robíme s manželom každý deň: Vďaka tomu máme až dodnes vyrovnané manželstvo

Spokojná žena robí šťastné manželstvo, platí to aj opačne? Dočítate sa v článku.

Good words to live by in marriage!

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Manželstvo Keller Timothy, Keller Kathy