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Layered plates, color pattern, trophies. Vor'en Kelborn- Heavy weapons master

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Awesome 'The+Mandalorian+Code' design on TeePublic!

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Kinner Thurram, also known as Thurk, is an ex-bounty hunter who gave up his murderous ways when innocents got hurt. With no real friends or family, Kinner turned to the only organization that would take him: the Gypsym Cooperative. He boards the Auderes as a highly trained warrior with a network of old contacts. With a new found sense of family and a new sense of purpose, Kinner Thurram is ready to see the galaxy.

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The Resol'nare (Six Tenants of Mandalorian Warrior Culture)

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Mandalorian - Snow Mando. MPAPPS Assault blaster rifle with adjustable scope. Utility belt, no doubt holding a vast array of gadgets, such as a magnetic grappler, vibro cutters, activators, and whatnot. Horns of Doom mark on shoulder guard, just under ranking bandolier. - Geram.

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13 Alien Languages You Can Actually Read

13 Alien Languages You Can Actually Read totally using this one day

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30 Matching Tattoo Ideas For Couples

This is how Mandalorians as Jedi would bare their symbol

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Boba Fett More

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10 Awe-Inspiring Star Wars Cosplay Ideas

Awsome looking mandalorian Cosplay

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Star Wars Mandalorian 11x17 Movie Poster Family is by KrampusPress

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