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The Tudors Dresses | ... the-middle-of-a-daydream:Sarah Bolger as Lady Mary Tudor in The Tudors

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Mary Tudor, Later Mary I, daughter of Catherine of Aragon

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Elizabeth Taylor owned this teardrop-shaped pearl, it was once the property of both Anne Boelyn and Queen Mary Tudor of England. This stunning pearl is worth between $2 million and $3 million today. Richard Burton bought it at an auction in 1969 for $37,000, outbidding a member of the Spanish Royal family.

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Mary Tudor, Henry's sister, detail from her marriage portrait to Charles Brandon, 1515

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Sarah Bolger as Princess Mary Tudor in The Tudors (2010)

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So many french hoods used as head bands. Tudor headdresses WERE NOT HEADBANDS. //Mary Tudor’s Green Gown (The Tudors, 2007)

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Elizabeth I of England | portrait of Elizabeth's half-sister, Queen Mary I; she ruled England ...

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Sarah Bolger - played Mary Tudor in The Tudors TV series

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The Marriage of Mary Tudor and Louis XII of France - a photo on Flickriver