FemShep - Mass Effect Think at the start this character is drawn using Photoshop software. Then passed on to the games production, it become

Tali from Mass Effect, by Shilin

Tali'zorah vas Normandy - rough piece for Patreon by shilin, Mass Effect Fan Art of Tali, Digital Painting, Inspirational Art

The Longest Day by Sin-Vraal

Sin-Vraal - The Longest Day - Androïde, cyborg, synthétique

Mass Effect Travel Posters

Mass Effect Travel Posters

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Mass Effect Trilogy Art by:  Ron Chan (@RonDanChan) | Twitter

rondanchan: “So that big character piece I did for the Mass Effect coloring book from Dark Horse? I went ahead and colored it myself :) ”


Someone else might have gotten it wrong. A tribute to one of the saddest moments in video game history. Mass Effect gaming was never the same after our poor sea shell saint left us. Remember Mordin Solus with this commemorative design.