Mel Gibson, absolutely stunning.....this man has such talent.

This list features pictures of a handsome young Mel Gibson, including high school pictures from his teenage years as well as sexy photos from his twenties.

Mel Gibson oh Mel, if only you weren't an ass

Mel Gibson handsome-mens-that-i-will-marry-in-my-dreams

Mel Gibson, I now can fully understand why mom always had a thing for him back in the day :P

Global Celebrities(M) Mel Gibson Wallpaper Wallpapers Also available in screen resolutions.

Mel Gibson. Favorite movies: The Patriot, Signs, Braveheart, What Women Want, Hamlet, Forever Young, voice of John Smith in Pocahontas, The River.

Mel Gibson does great in all of his movies. One of my all time favorites. Actual my first favorite movie was 'The Patriot'. plays such a good role.

Most beautiful blue eyes ever! Idc what anyone says, Mel Gibson was incredibly good looking as a young man! Love braveheart ♥♥♥

Braveheart - Promo shot of Mel Gibson. The image measures 1043 * 1476 pixels and was added on 12 November

Mel Gibson -  #Australia #celebrities #MelGibson Australian celebrity Mel Gibson loves

Mel Gibson - Just for you Vanessa! Australian celebrity Mel Gibson loves www.

Mel Gibson/William Wallace. Only the best history character ever. #Braveheart

Not-so-Braveheart: Mel Gibson on why he's scared of returning to Scotland

Mel Gibson - Photo posted by soleil1957

Mel Gibson - Fan club album

Mel Gibson - Photo posted by soleil1957