doodles mermen poses as i fret about birthday presents look at how counter-productive i am also these are probably only helpful to those who draw shota .

Merman Quickie by Zhrayde on deviantART

This is part of a mini-project titled 'People from Brazil need to get their shit together and realize how fcking awesome their culture is' or 'Alice aggress.

Koi Mermaid by driany.deviantart

Almost only photoshop, based on a simple lineart i made. A koi mermaid, is like a Siringue Merfolk from changeling th. Final Koi Mermaid and little fish

Open ocean mermaids- don't live in Lucent and are more vicious and less human More


Adaro (Solomon) - Shark-like mermen that are always male and with a insane lust for blood. When it rains these creatures become lost in a rage. They use poisonous flying fish as weapons. Some say they were once pirates, but were cursed by a shark-god.

OC:: Merfolk by on @DeviantArt

- - - - - - - - Been in a mer/aquatic character mood so I drew some of my boys! Characters © me Tamanairs © Skf-Adopt Clymphs © Uzai Seal.

Stingray mermaid, because stingrays and sharks are closely related and stingray mermaids are rarer than shark mermaids.

/tg/ - Is it okay to allow merfolk civilizations to expan - Traditional Games -

Shark Mermaid by on @deviantART

So I got this really lovely shark mermaid from Lynn c:My gosh i really like her! I can& wait to draw her cute seaweed clothes and little cute ocean themed accessories x) art and character are mine.

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