Merman Quickie by on @deviantART

This is part of a mini-project titled 'People from Brazil need to get their shit together and realize how fcking awesome their culture is' or 'Alice aggress.

#race #merfolk


ah some cute mermaid references ! i have to say that i really love drawing mermaids. however this is a more cartoony style, and i enjoy it very much.


Love the tentacles rather than typical mermaid fin. Technically this creature would be a cecaelia.

Open ocean mermaids- don't live in Lucent and are more vicious and less human More


Adaro (Solomon) - Shark-like mermen that are always male and with a insane lust for blood. When it rains these creatures become lost in a rage. They use poisonous flying fish as weapons. Some say they were once pirates, but were cursed by a shark-god.

Marnie the fair haired mermaid.

Marnie the fair haired mermaid.