Metroid Samus illustration by Thiago Almeida

arm cannon armor bodysuit fighting stance full body gun helmet holding arm legs apart looking at viewer metroid neon trim nintendo power armor samus aran signature solo thiago almeida varia suit visor weapon - Image View -

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Ridley's Lair by Matt Rockefeller

Samus Aran: Battle Damaged Created by Leon Jo

Samus Battle Damaged Created by Leon Jo (Longai) / Find this Artist on DeviantArt - Website

Fan-art Metroid

Illustration art gaming video game game crash bandicoot arthur Mortal Kombat Okami mass effect amaterasu bioshock Little Sister garrus earthworm jim sxorpion ghouls and ghosts

enter norfair by spiridt

Metroid Art by spiridt art Metroid Prime 4 coming to Nintendo Switch