Lol So True cx My Grandma Be Like Oh Yeah Your Cousins From Mexico. Im Like Wtf? How Many Do I Have??

This is not true for just Latinos. I be like How many cousins do I have. Then they wanna break down the family tree.

Orale, ahora entiendo por que todo el tiempo me decia asi jajajajaa                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Notice they say, "Mexican" because in "Spanish" This word is not in their language (Spain). They consider the "Mexican" language raping the true Spanish language.

you know you're mexican when... Yep have all of the above

You know you're latino when. According to my late grandfather, a Christmas baby born in name was Jesus Salvador Natividad, his 8 brothers and sisters had these names. Even a brother named Jose Maria, yes, a brother. << LOL for real tho