Michelle Bridges Cacao Fudge Balls

Recipe number 3 I found buried deep within a Michelle Bridges article on healthy eating and exercise. She suggests these as a snack – but only Ingredients: 1 cup walnuts 1 cup pitted a…

"I am fed up with muesli that is full of dried fruit smothered in sulphur dioxide and dusty stuff. Muesli should be 100 per cent wholegrains, nuts, seeds and berries."

World’s best homemade muesli ever by Michelle Bridges (Serves 2 cups oats cup sunflower seeds cup pumpkin seeds (pepitas) ¼ cup dried cranberries ¼ cup dried currants cup almonds, roughly chopped 2 tbsp wheatgerm

baked spinach and pumpkin couscous. I have this in the oven now :) Absolutely delicious, easy and quick...perfect!

Recipe: Baked vegetable couscous

Michelle Bridges shares her recipe for baked spinach and pumpkin couscous. It& the perfect midweek meal.

Thai chicken larb - Michelle Bridges

Recipe: Thai chicken larb

Thai chicken larb - this is a spicy salad, but you may want to start with half a chilli. You can always add the rest after you've tasted the mixture.

Michelle Bridges gives the ultimate comfort food dish, cauliflower cheese, a healthy makeover!

Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese Recipe

Michelle Bridges shares on our favourite comfort food dinner ideas: classic cauliflower cheese with a healthy, low-calorie twist.

Michelle Bridges' Fat-Blasting 5 Minute Workout

Michelle Bridges' Fat-Blasting 5 Minute Workout

In an ideal world we'd all like to say we have a few hours to set aside each day to exercise, but for some it can be hard to even find five spare minutes.