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Sherlock S4 Promo Pictures 05

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Molly Dans Le Trailer.

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She is always there for him. And she is who he turns to.

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Sherlock Season 4 || Molly Hooper

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Molly as a companion, awwww

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23 Cross-Fandom Couples That Should Have Been

I love Molly. She’s so ordinary; and yet she’s not a shallow character. I love this moment because Sherlock realizes he’s underestimated her observation skills and just stands there, speechless, outdone by little Molly Hooper; and you can tell from his face that he knows what she just said is true, and he almost looks guilty that he’s been unkind to her. I love how Molly brings out the humanity and compassion in Sherlock. (scene gifset)

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Molly Hooper is a BAMF and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

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Sherlock S4 promo Pictures 04 - Rupert Graves, Louise Brealey, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Toby Jones and Una Stubbs

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I love Molly Hooper so much. She knows its hopeless with Sherlock but that doesn't stop her from trying to show people he really has a heart. I think she tries to bring out what's best in him, and even though she may get offended by what he says in return, she knows that somewhere inside him there's an actual man that doesn't think any of those insults are true. Also she's a complete bamf :)

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Sherlock sherlolly Molly Hooper

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