Top things to see and do if you have 48 hours in Munich
11 Amazing Sights You Have To See In Munich, Germany - Hand Luggage Only - Travel, Food & Photography Blog

11 Amazing Things You Have To Do In Munich, Germany

15 Best Places To Eat In Munich

15 Best Places To Eat In Munich

Free things to do in Munich Germany. Our mission is to give you a big enough taste to whet your appetite and leave your memories of Munich as magic. Not just a Munich City guide but and actual layout based on our own experiences in the city. Click to read the full travel blog post about Munich Germany at

4 Days in Munich Itinerary- Things to Do in Munich

Two tasty, fun and very different beer gardens that will show you a wide range of Munich's breweries.

2 Munich Beer Gardens for 2 Different Experiences

Munich, Bavaria - New Town Hall.  We went up the spire.

Top 10 Things to Do in Munich

My Three to Four Day Itinerary for Munich. So many people head to Berlin and forgot about Munich entirely. But this city is so worth visiting, even outside of Oktoberfest. I had four days full of pork knuckle, beer, beautiful public gardens, palaces and even a sobering concentration camp.
Curious to know about the 25 top budget eateries in Munich, Germany? Look no further. Local muncher and avid foodie Julia Pawelczyk reveals her favourite places to enjoy international food on a budget. From Italian pasta, to homemade Vietnamese dishes, to grilled octopus with potatoes, to luscious confectionaries at one of Munich's best bakeries, this list is an eclectic but budget friendly collection of Munich's best.
A street of colorful facades in Munich