Actor Nicholas Hoult photographed and styled by Venetia Scott, for the latest coverstory of Hero magazine.

“Nicholas Hoult luciendo como the perfect brittish boy next door en Hero Magazine.  meninvogue:  Nicholas Hoult by Daniel Bergeron  #summerlook

"Long-term boredom can't lead to anything good." Fansite dedicated to English actor Nicholas Hoult.

Nicholas Summers: 14 {youngest - Storm Warlock (mainly practices this so this term defines him till he switches to a Theistic Satanic witch) but it gets more chaotic and starts practicing spirit working and Divination magic} And uses Knot/Chord Spell work

hello my love... Nicholas Hoult SMOLDERS in Elle.

About a Boy

Nicholas Hoult of the X-Men series and "Warm Bodies" would play Ryan, Jillian's crush.

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♥Nicholas Hoult as sexually ambiguous/bisexual Tony Stonem in Skins [UK] & as gay/sexually ambiguous Kenny Potter in A Single Man

Nicholas Hoult | Here's What Your Favourite British Heart-Throbs Looked Like Ten Years Ago

Nicholas Hoult