This painting is one of a series called "The Four Freedoms", done by Norman Rockwell in 1943. This painting - "Freedom from Want" - has become an iconic image.

American Chronicles: The Art of Norman Rockwell

Better than Best Roast Turkey. My all-time favorite go to recipe for turkey at Thanksgiving.

A Boy And His Dog. Norman Percevel Rockwell (3 de febrero de 1894, Nueva York – 8 de noviembre de 1978, Stockbridge) fue un ilustrador, fotógrafo y pintor estadounidense célebre por sus imágenes llenas de ironía y humor. Su carrera se verá para siempre inmortalizada por su empleo como ilustrador oficial del Saturday Evening Post, una revista de actualidad y sociedad.

A Boy And His Dog by Douglas Crockwell (shades of Norman Rockwell)

1953 ... Girl With Black Eye - Norman Rockwell by x-ray delta one,

Girl With Black Eye - Norman Rockwell This used to be outside the principal's office in elementary school.

Th late Norman Rockwell painted "Triple Self-Portrait" in 1960 for the Feb. 13 cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

Norman Rockwell Museum gets $225,000 to archive paintings, photos and clips

Who doesn't love Norman Rockwell? "Triple Self-Portrait" Saturday Evening Post Cover February 13 1960

Looking at Art with Kids: Norman Rockwell Art is a wonderful platform to teach children a variety of subjects.

Looking at Art with Kids: Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell's The Runaway appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post published September This is a timeless favorite of Rockwell collectors, a true classic for the ages.

Norman Rockwell, The Muscleman, 1941, oil on canvas, [no dimensions], Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA.

"The Muscleman," Norman Rockwell, Oil on canvas. - Norman Rockwell Museum - The Home for American Illustration

"Dress" by Norman Rockwell, date unknown ・ Style: Regionalism ・ Genre: genre painting

Norman Rockwell, Prom Dress, 1949 Related: Norman Rockwell's Proto-photorealism at the McNay The works of Norman Rockwell, the go-to artist of the American Dream, are.

'Marriage License' (close-up) - by Norman Rockwell, 1955 (oil on canvas)

'Marriage License' (detail) - Norman Rockwell, 1955 (oil on canvas)

Norman Rockwell Coffee Print Dictionary in the 30s. This is a piece of art made from a newspaper. The cartoon is also an advertisement for the Rockwell Coffee Print. This shows an intro to an article of why someone believed coffee was the key to a happy marriage.

want this hung next to a picture of Kolson and our french press Norman Rockwell Coffee Print Dictionary

"Is He Coming?,"  by Norman Rockwell, 1919

," by Norman Rockwell, 1919 Original title- Is He Coming? Date- New title- Christmas Eve

Image result for rare norman rockwell paintings

Image result for rare norman rockwell paintings

Norman Rockwell... the original... "Rosie the Riveter" (1943)

Rosie the Riveter by Norman Rockwell, (An American woman employed in the production of military hardware during WWII. My mother was a Rosie Riveter and worked at the Rock Island Arsenal producing munitions.) Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Another great Norman Rockwell Find my author interviews and reviews here:

16 Brilliant Artists And Their Animal Muses

Boy and Girl gazing at the Moon 1926 - Norman Rockwell  Norman Rockwell - The Gossips, 1948.

The Gossips, Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Cover 1948

I have never seen this Rockwell painting! love it! hc  Girl Running with Wet Canvas (1930) by Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell 'Girl Running with Wet Canvas' 1930 Norman Rockwell Museum

Little Girl with Lipstick, 1922 ~ Norman Rockwell (American 1894-1978)

Norman Rockwell Little Girl with Lipstick. 1922 *Reminds me of playing in my Mother's Makeup!reminds me of MY granddaughter (Avery) playing with my makeup.