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BLACK Rhino (Name and color of animal have nothing to do with each other) - The black rhino has a pointed upper lip which is used to eat leafy plants, branches, shoots, thorny wood bushes, and fruit. Generally thought to be solitary (except mother and calf), they have a reputation for being extremely aggressive and charge readily at perceived threats.

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Large White Rhino Bull....absolutely beautiful creatures, I don't know how anyone can be cruel to them!

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Woolly rhino replica, Remie Bakker 2011, my new and last favorite animal.

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David Yarrow on

Amazing #rhino photo by @David_Yarrow #HappyAlert via @Ashley Yoon Hippo Billy

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Black rhinos can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour).

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As playful as spring lamb (just a lot heavier): Bouncing baby rhino skips along the road in South African bush

CHAAAAAAAARGE!!!! An adorable rhino calf practises charging at a group of tourists on a safari tour in the bush of South Africa

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6606502877_4044bd1367_z (331x640, 114Kb)

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Creativa Frog

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Geometric Animals by Allison Kunath, via Behance

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A Rhino doll wearing clothes pattern.

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